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Our Approach

Cold Nation Outdoors, a company that provides new innovation for ice fishing & quality outdoor products, with purpose and value through the pursuit of excellence. Cold Nation Outdoors was established in 2018 to become a brand that will be recognized for years to come in the ice fishing community, including an outdoor brand that has a fresh take on adventure. A brand that offers more than a name; a product line that give the consumer more time to enjoy the outdoors and the opportunity to catch more fish.

Our Story

In 2007, an idea was born. An idea that took many years of innovation and countless hours to create. L8K Products Inc, a company that was started for the sole purpose to make a positive impact on the ice fishing community by creating ways to make ice fishing a better experience for everyone. Our vision is to have quality products through new innovation and to provide exceptional service & convenience to the consumer at the magnitude of changing the game of ice fishing forever. Since the vision was casted in 2007 and perfected by 2018, Cold Nation Outdoors is pleased to announce the first product to ever hit the ice fishing market that truly keeps your ice fishing hole completely open in any weather condition. The science and technology behind Ice Defense by Cold Nation Outdoors is a superior product that is universal for all ice fishing styles and types. This product is engineered to keep your hole completely open past -20 degrees and has proven to keep your hole free of ice and slush. Ice Defense puts a new level of comfort and convenience to ice fishing. This design will give you peace of mind when it comes to frozen lines and constant ice build-up around your hole. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, Ice Defense is designed to help you catch more fish without the hassle of losing the big one. Changing the game of Hardwater Fishing
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