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Ice Defense Pro Series Review: How It Helps You Catch More Fish

This is a copy of the article published at: Thoughts on the Cold Nation Ice Defense Pro Series after one year of use. No secret that the key to catching fish through the ice is finding the fish.  Finding fish often simply means drilling holes, fishing through a lot of holes and fishing outside to cover as much water

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tip up

How to Keep a Tip Up from Freezing up in the Ice?

Your tip up flag pops and you go running only to find it frozen in the ice and the fish gone. There’s nothing more frustrating than a frozen tip up, and yet all tip ups on the market freeze up. There have been many attempts to eliminate a frozen tip up, however they have all

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keep ice holes from freezing

How to Keep Ice Fishing Holes From Freezing

Frozen ice holes have plagued ice fishermen since the beginning of the sport and there have been many techniques used to keep ice holes from freezing. However, the only technique that is 100% effective in eliminating ice build up in an ice fishing hole is the Ice Defense from Cold Nation Outdoors. Literally an ice

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