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IFish Pro/Ice Defense Conversion Kit


Out of stock

Out of stock

IFish Pro/Ice Defense Conversion Kit


Leverage the power of thermal flow while keeping your line and hole from freezing this ice season by adding the Ice Defense Pro Series to an existing IFish Pro TipUp!

This kit is designed to keep you on the ice longer without the hassle of ice and slush build-up in your hole.

The LiFePO4 Battery is a premier battery in the ice fishing industry that will stand up to any weather condition with a run time of 2 days out on the ice.

The IFish Pro & Ice Defense takes the charge on cold-weather fishing tech!

Kit Includes:
1 – 12V 3,400 mAh Battery
1 – Battery Charger
7 – Cable Clips (3M Foam Tape)
2 – Heavy Duty Velcro Pieces
1 – Stainless Steel Gimbal Knob
1 – Nylon Locking Nut
1 – 30mm Circular Hole Saw Bit

Not Included:
13/16 Drill Bit

Installation Video Link:

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